Sewer Pump & Grease Arrestor

The critical review of design and buildability alternatives delivered superior results for this challenging airside project at the Sydney Airport Domestic terminal.


The Solution

EDT’s innovative design and buildability has resulted in a superior approach to a project that requires the replacement of an airside sewer pumping station and grease arrestor.

This infrastructure services the food court of the Domestic Terminal at Sydney International Airport, and requires the closure of an aircraft bay for the duration of the project, sheet piling and de-watering to a depth of four metres and all associated service modifications.

The narrow curfew will require cutovers to be carried out during the night in four hourly intervals to ensure minimal disruption to airport operations.

By investigating design and buildability alternatives, EDT are able to reduce both delivery and maintenance risks for the client. Changes to material selection and service routing also results in a less invasive program for stakeholders.