Stop Bars North-South Runway

Working airside in any airport, let alone Australia’s busiest, is not easy. Sydney International Airport’s workhorse, the main North-South runway, demanded failsafe cutovers managed to the minute.


The Solution

EDT was responsible for the design and construction of the Localised Lighting Equipment Room on the main North-South runway at Sydney International Airport.  The bunker itself is visible in the runway photo at the top of this page, giving you just an idea of how close to the runway this project was located!

Also known as the Stop Bars Project, it required the installation of a new standby generator for the uninterrupted operation of runway lighting, cutover from the existing generator into the airfield ring main. The development of fail safe backups in the event of a failure, ensured that every contingency was considered.

The successful generator cutover involved direct coordination with many stakeholders including Air Services Australia and the Control Tower to ensure operations were not disrupted and pilots were informed of critical airspace activities.